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The Jazz Vocal Workshop is a unique employee benefit program that builds confidence and reduces stress through singing and performance. An alternative to choirs and an effective team building exercise.

Be your own entertainment at this year's events, accompanied by world class musicians.



Corporate Hospitality Singing


Singing is a natural stress reducer and has many of the same effects as exercise, like the release of endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body. Studies show that group singing can benefit overall well-being, help regulate emotions, and create happiness and relaxation in the work place and in everyday life. Here are some more of the benefits below.


  • strengthens the immune system.

  • improves your posture.

  • helps with sleep.

  • is a natural anti-depressant.

  • lowers stress levels.

  • improves mental alertness.

  • promotes healthy minds and hearts

  • lowers your blood pressure.

  • tones up your facial muscles, your diaphragm, and your intercostal muscles.

  • improves your memory.

  • improves cognition.

  • develops the lungs.

  • increases empathy and understanding between cultures.

  • creates a sense of community.


Our gift to all is to grow your confidence and allow you to give yourself permission to open up and sing. We help you overcome the shyness and fear so often involved in performance. It is hugely liberating, and above all the most fun you will ever have in a learning environment. Hear what some of our former students have to say about their experiences with The JVW.


5★"I cannot say enough about this workshop. Mia is so much more than a teacher, she's a sister, mother, friend & therapist all in one! I met such a wonderful group of women and Charlie Mooney is a fantastically talented musician. The patience, understanding and acceptance shown to me was out of this world. I never dreamed I could sing the way I did on the night of our showcase, never thought it possible!!! Amazing workshop, if you're thinking about it, do it, you will not regret a second." - Claire D'Arcy

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5★"It’s the day after my 4th gig with the JVW and the feeling each time tops the last. Having this as a rewarding hobby is a gift. It’s a rare chance to explore our potential musically, develop our knowledge and meet like-minded people who love to sing and enjoy life to the max. It has made a huge difference to me personally and I recommend it for anyone who wants to scratch that singing itch. Mia and Charlie are special humans - talented, generous and fun and they get the best out of every one of us." - Jennifer O'Hara

Corporate group singing


5★"Brilliant patient and highly talented tutors. Fabulous confidence building while having great fun. Can't recommend enough. Mia and Charlie get the best out of each student. If I can do it anyone can. Loved every minute." - Barbara Brezina

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5★"Inspirational, instructive, energising, encouraging and definitely more-ish, this 10 week jazz/blues/vocal workshop is transformational. The amazing Mia parsons and Charlie Moon share their talent and expertise with a genuine desire to encourage people just like me to reach our vocal capacity and to gain confidence in, and enjoy our singing! I've had the best time, met great new friends, learnt loads about jazz and will definitely be signing up for more :)" - Velma O'Donoghue

Group singing


5★"The Jazz Vocal Workshop came at a time for me when I was in need of my confidence being built up. For me it was a little bit of a new beginning. I discovered a lot about myself which wouldn’t have happened had I not taken part. I gained confidence in my ability to sing and perform and indeed in myself. I feel that I could go in front of any large group of people and present whatever I have prepared myself to do. I found the group that I was with really gelled well and there was good camaraderie and team boosting, everybody was rooting for each other. Friendships were built and I found that I missed the group when it finished. I learnt a lot about blues and jazz which was one of my aims. I still have a lot to learn but am looking forward to continuing with The JVW and expanding on what I have learnt." - Angela Browne

Corporate entertainment


5★"I have always loved singing. I have been in choirs and have done barbershop singing but when I joined Mia's and Charlie's jazz course last sept, I knew I had found what I had been searching for! I found a way to express myself and grow as a singer. It has given me confidence and a self awareness about myself that I don't think I had before. Charlie and Mia are able to draw out these best bits of you that you didn't know were there. I have gone on to do 2 more advanced classes. Love everything about it! Especially the live shows xx
Ruthie Corbett



5★"I discovered JVW on a bleak mid January morning. I was scrolling through and it popped out at me. I called Mia and as they say , the rest is history. I was looking for something to do that was totally separate from my work and I found it in JVW! When you go to the classes you are totally immersed, you can only engage in the music. It was such an escape from the pressures of work that I committed to a second term and possibly a third, if Mia and Charlie take me back. I really looked forward to the Thursday nights and miss it now it's over. I won't be giving up the day job anytime soon you will be delighted to hear. This is pure escapism and Mia and Charlie such lovely people who support creativity and self expression regardless of how it comes out." - Christina Doody

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5★"The best course I ever did. Can't wait to sign up for new year. Great fun and a fantastic way of learning new songs and build confidence. Can't beat the laughs and meeting like minded people. Mia, a great teacher and Charlie is a ball of talent." - Yvonne Boland

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5★ "A great experience, learn about jazz and blues styles, sing your heart out every week and top it off with a gig. Our workshop was fun and filled with laughter...... a great way to beat the winter blues!" - Ciara Lyons



For our JVW live gigs and corporate events we work with not only some of the best jazz musicians in the country but some of the best musicians period.
Featured below are our first choice drummers and double bass players who will accompany you at the 'JVW LIVE' show as part of the 'Charlie Moon Trio' featuring special guest, you - the star!

Left to right:

  • 1.Mia Parsons - JVW Vocal Coach. 

  • 2.Charlie Moon - JVW MD + Guitar Accompanist

  • 3.Mia & Charlie. 

  • 4.Barry Rycraft - Double Bass 

  • 5.Dominic Mullan - Drums.

  • 6.Barry Donohue - Double Bass.

  • 7.Brendan Doherty - Drums.

  • 8.Cormac O'Brien - Double Bass

  • 9.Sebastian Jezzi - Drums

Corporate events
Corporate events
Charlie Moon - JVW MD and Guitar Accompanist
Charlie Moon - JVW MD and Guitar Accompanist
Charlie & Mia
Charlie & Mia
Barry Rycraft.jpg
Barry Rycraft.jpg
Dominic Mullan
Dominic Mullan
Barry Donohue
Barry Donohue
Brendan Doherty
Brendan Doherty
Cormac O'Brien
Cormac O'Brien
Sebastian Jezzi
Sebastian Jezzi
Shane O'Donovan
Shane O'Donovan



Hello all, The JVW is adding another string to it’s bow and we would like to offer all of our current and past students the chance to record a demo with Charlie on guitar.

A one hour session coached by Mia and Charlie where you will revise two of your prepared songs from the class.

Mia & Charlie will guide you through arranging each tune, i.e. what key works best for you, tempo (how fast or slow), style (swing, latin etc.) intros and endings.

Charlie will record and accompany each singer on two of their rehearsed songs and mix and master the tracks afterwards.

You will be sent an mp3 of each track and with your permission we will proudly add them to the JVW Sound Cloud page or you can just keep them for yourself.

Follow the soundcloud link at the top of the page to hear some of our current students.

Home Studio


Keep an eye out for the JVW YouTube channel (link at the top of the page) where we will post videos of some of the performances from the JVW Live shows

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